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I am an entrepreneur, business strategist , and activist on a mission to raise human consciousness. the goal of helping Entrepreneur to develop startup ideas and tranform to build an entrepreneur mindset ,empowering and we have launched software development company Qobots and started Awakenstartup YouTube channel we create variety of training videos programs and helped thousand of entrepreneurs around the world experience personal transformation and business transformation . In our startup journey life I have part of founding team of successfull startup kingaro - Food catering marketplace , Bloophant - Tour and activities booking platform . I am constantly traveling around the world, meeting brilliant minds, speaking at conferences and corporations, and filming content you can find online. You can hear some of my favorite interviews on my Awakenstartup YouTube channel ...

  • MS Pradeep
  • connect@mspradeep.com
  • connect@mspradeep.com
  • Kochi , India
  • 30, Nov 1986
  • 9847473337


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